Josh and I are both licensed real estate agents in the state of Wyoming. He has had his license for nearly 6 years and I got mine in October 2019, just about the same time BFC took off and the world shut down. He has been dabbling in real estate while building a superb remodel and construction business as well. It finally came to a point where he just couldn’t do both- at least not do both justice. I had never considered real estate but it seems to suit me well. Oh and, I have Bullfrog Creatives.

Before being bitten by the entrepreneurial bug both Josh and I worked for someone. We clocked in. We clocked out. We checked in. We were supervised at every turn. At one time, Josh drove 4 hours a day just to get there and back. I had a nearly 10-year career in non-profit; raising funds for amazingly wonderful causes. Building relationships. Building events. Building endowments. Building successful boards. It was this experience and the work experience that followed, that I was able to identify exactly what it was about each job that truly made me happy. The relationships.

Warming up by the branding irons.

As many of my readers and social media followers can relate, Josh grew up on a ranch doing all the things. When you grow up on a ranch you have to do all the things. Welder, mechanic, construction… ALL the things. Rarely do you hire work done, you do it yourself. Honestly, he is one of the handiest guy I have ever been around. Right up there with my dad. And even he would say Josh is the best welder he’s ever seen. But don’t tell Josh that.

One of the best parts about being self employed is answering only to yourself. And, one of the hardest parts about being self employed is answering only to yourseelf. There have been days and nights where we worry about what is posting to the bank account the next day and if one client or another will pay on time. There have been days where motivation flows like molassses and others that we wake up and slay. Finding my mojo has ebbed and flowed- and not necessarily in a easy to manage pattern, as I would like. It seems that I get in a good flow- good morning routine, workout, study the market, make calls… boom. Trusting the process and putting in my time. A couple of weeks will go by – maybe longer- and I’ll get a call from the school. Shoot. Sick kid. Good news is I can go get them go home and continue to work. The schedule is shot and the routine is blah, but I have the flexibility to do it. The tricky part is, I find it hard to get back into the routine. Then I do. And something else happens. And I start over.

Josh and Heidi Foy

When I launched into to 2022 I knew that the bombs are going to continue drop. There hadn’t been a routine to when they would drop, but there certainly was a clear path that showed me that when they do, every time it was more difficult for me to get back on track and impossible to just stay there no matter what the bomb was. I knew I needed to do something different to help myself rebound from whatever it was that was coming up; sick kids, sick hubby, sick animals, sick self, family things, whatever- it was all over the place. I needed to be able to bounce back quicker than I had been. So that is where James comes in. James is our el presidente’. Our fearless leader. He believes in me more than I do, some days. And, he knows my goals with BFC and knows my goals with real estate and can push me in both. As I discussed in last week’s blog, accountability can be a tricky thing. Scary, in fact. But I knew I needed it. And I knew that it couldn’t be one of my fellow agents. It’s just too easy for another agent to make excuses for me and for me to them. I get it. We are showing grace. This is not the time for that. I needed someone to really push me. Someone that truly knows what I am capable of.

I’m on a roll now. 5 months in and there have been bombs. Oh! Has there ever. And have never fallen off the track let alone had to get back on! I mean, I am sure it will happen but I am finding the support I need to hold myself accountable and keep pluggin away.

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