My work world changed nearly immediately in March- as most everyone’s did. In fact, the last day my kids went to school was Friday the 13th. If that isn’t a sign of something to come, I don’t know what is! We enjoyed our time at home for a while. Thinking it would be short lived, we watched all the movies that we wanted to but never had time- and we didn’t feel guilty about it because it was still super cold outside! I continued to attend our Coldwell Banker The Legacy Group (CBTLG) office meetings via zoom. I only had one instance where someone called to tell me that I wasn’t muted and they could hear my “mom voice.” Once is good enough! As time passed I began to realize that an end was not coming soon. I started to brainstorm different ways to connect with my people. CBTLG was amazing at providing daily ways for us, as their people, to engage in trainings, conversations, and even mental health check ins. It was more helpful than I realized in the moment. It seemed easy, so I thought I’d start a weekly Q&A on our Foy Real Estate facebook page. So, here’s the trick- they are LIVE. They are real. They also have my kids in the background- well, because that is what was, and sometimes still is, going on. LIVE, is easier than pre-recorded. I can’t be me in the prerecorded scene. I can, however, be real authentic when it is live. Perhaps a little too authentic, at times. Once I got the tech down for that I got to thinking that it would be super fun to bring some type of content to this platform, too. One post from a college coach about doing an info-mercial and I was off on a whole new tangent here on BFC and that is where my passion project began.

The series started with a quick chat with Roger Walters the commissioner of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association. The NIRA had recently announced the cancelation of the 2020 CNFR, one of the many cancellations that we would see for the year. And, as you can imagine Mr. Roger was facing a lot of backlash from the social media keyboard warriors. If you have ever had the pleasure, and stress, to be on the production end of any rodeo, let alone one the size of the CNFR, you know that a decision to cancel is not one to be taken lightly. And definitely not one that falls on one person. Our conversation allowed a little bit more room than a press release for Mr. Roger to explain the decision and perhaps ease a few inquiring minds.

After that first broadcast of College Rodeo: 101, I started profiling different colleges across the organization and nation that have rodeo teams. #virtualrecruiting is a thing this year! This broadcast became an easy way for colleges to get a lot of information out about their programs and for coaches to see what they would be recruiting against. While I wasn’t able to get every college with a rodeo program on the broadcast, it was a lot of fun to learn so much about the ones that did participate. This will be something that I hope to continue to offer in the off season- maybe between the fall and spring seasons, this year.

Now that we have some type of rodeo season upon us, I hope to continue College Rodeo: 101 with the Alumni Profile series. I have been able to reconnect with some contestants that I knew while I was going and even meet some that sent me into “fan girl” mode. Although I am not real proud of that, it is pretty neat to know that the rodeo world is just one big small community. I am hoping to round up some women that I have looked up to personally to chat with them more in the next several weeks. If you have a chance, head on over to the BFC facebook page and watch a few interviews, ask some questions, and maybe share. Who knows, maybe you could be my next guest. 🙂

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