One thing I’ve noticed about “adulting” is that there are some similarities to elementary school. Reagan is just starting the 5th grade. Her days are getting harder- 4th was the year we transitioned from learning to read to reading to learn. I didn’t know it, but that can be a hard transition. It is also when the kiddos start to develop and mature more. The changing personalities of her and her classmates lend themselves to hard lessons. To be honest, 5th and 6th grade were the hardest for me. That is when I realized that boys were better friends for me than girls. Miss Reagan is such a sensitive little soul and these changes are hard for her. We have conversations on the regular about some of the things that are hard for her. Kindness to those that aren’t kind to you. Taking the high road when others do not. What to do when someone doesn’t like you. I’m working on this one, myself. Oftentimes, I’m not even sure how to counsel her through this because, let’s be honest, these are obstacles that follow you into adulthood. She was less than thrilled to hear this. I tried to soften this blow by adding that as you get older you have more tools in your toolbox to better deal with them. So they say.

And no matter how you prepare and how many tools you have, things happen. Bombs. Obstacles. Lessons. Troubles. Trials. Adversity. I guess it depends on the severeity of the thing. I talk to both my kids about how sometimes things just don’t go our way. It is just as much a lesson for myself as it is them. And this week it hit home for me.

The beginning of my week started with a thing. Not a big thing but certainly one that kind of knocked me out of the zone. During my first retirement, as I like to call it, in 2019 when BFC launched and I, later in the year, got my real estate license, I learned that relationships with the people in my life were really important to me. Not just the everyday ones, but consciously building more relationships and meeting new people all the time. I was able to think back on each job that I had and pinpoint exactly what it was that brought me joy in each position. It was building relationships.

So, when I found out that a relationship wasn’t as strong as I thought it was it was- it hit me hard. It wasn’t the lost business but the fact that I didn’t have the relationship that I thought I did. My accuntabili-buddy was quick to remind me that the agent I was 3 years ago would have been more worried about the lost commission- even knowing the exact amount- than the state of my relationships. As I do with my kids, I gave myself a set amount of time to stew. Then I moved on.

Growth can be hard and I am so lucky that I have my kids to continue to push me, even when they don’t realize it. They make me a better human every day. Adding that to my tool box.

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