Recently I told our managing director at Coldwell Banker The Legacy Group about a goal I had been thinking about- I mean there are so many, and, I need a WIN so it’s a small one. To publish/write a blog once a week. His response was asking me if I wanted him to be my accountabili-buddy. Like for real. No excuses. No “well, I tried, but…” A person to seriously hold my feet to the fire. I stood there with a deer in the headlights look. It’s not what I expected him to say- although I’m not sure why I didn’t see it coming. It nearly made me back out. That question, alone, was intimidating and I almost said, no. I have so much going on, I don’t need you to do that. And, if I have learned anything since BFC and my real estate carreer started, it is that being accountable is not a negative thing. Most days I need it. So, I said, yep. I quickly went back to my office and made a list of topics- I’m a big fan of lists- especially ones I can check shit off of!

So here we go…I am drawing a blank.

I have lots of topics but how do I start again when the last blog I wrote is dated October 8, 2020? That seems like a lifetime ago. How do I explain to you that the reason I’ve not written isn’t really reason at all? Listen, it’s not that I didn’t think about coming back here, I did. I just didn’t take the time to do it. It was pointed out to me in that same conversation, that my mouth runs a lot faster than I can type. I mean he wasn’t referring specifically to MY mouth but in one form or another, I have heard it before. I’m gonna take it as a compliment. Maybe video is my future. And I find solace in writing.

As I continue to brainstorm and edit what this first come-back blog should look like, I can’t help but think of how far BullFrog Creatives has come. The goals and future of BFC have been up in the air, and I’ll be honest, they may still be. It was the shut down that created the niche platform of College Rodeo for BFC, as I talked about previously in College Rodeo: 101. I’ve got so many ideas on how to expand and keep doing what I’m doing- and potentially monetize so that it becomes easier for me to take the time to do it without feeling like I am shirking other responsibilities.

It was buillding and cultivating the relationships with coaches and student athletes that stoked the fire. The relationship with Jim Boy Hash that created the NFR Hangover– Season 1 and Season 2. Welcoming Tony Branquhino to the host team in the second year was a huge win for us- and by win, I mean it added to our dynamic and made it so fun! And then on to create CNFR Mornings brought to you by CINCH Jeans– Season 1 and Season 2 coming this June! Partnering with brands and organizations that I share values with. Reaching out to build even more relationships in that realm has proven to be something that is fun, challenging and exciting. Coming up with creative ideas to promote these partnerships and not be too salesy is a challenge- but you know I’m up for it. The task of just envisioning the path and possible direction that BFC could go sends my thoughts into massive spiderwebs in all directions.

The more I type, re-type and edit, the more I realize that on the surface, accountability can be taken negatively. Heck, even in that first moment after he mentioned it, I held my breathe. I see it as a close relative to the word “expectation.” Typically I think it is used in a negative connotation. I thrive on it. When I know that someone else, and I know there is more than just one, is as excited as I am about the future of BFC and the possibilities– that makes me want to continue. Makes me want to come up with more one-of-a-kind content and makes me want to push and work harder. When I know that there are people that believe in me as much as I do (on most days) it really helps me. The accountability isn’t about making me do things or making me check in with a “boss.” It is about someone that believes in me and thinks I can do more and be better. Reminds me that I am not alone! And, now that I have shared that goal on this platform, I think I have more than doubed the number of accounatbili-buddies I have. Just be gentle with me if and when- because let’s be honest, it will happen- I miss a week or something ridiculous happens in the life of real estate or you know, just life in general.

I encourage you to find yourself an accountabili-buddy. And, see you back here next week!

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