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We do what we love to help others do what they love.

What's In A Name?

Have you ever had that ONE horse? You know the kind. That once in a lifetime horse. The horse that takes care of you in and out of the arena. The rider learns more from this horse than the horse learns from them.

Life lessons that follow you even after your days of riding and rodeo are gone. Some people never get that ONE horse. Bullfrog was that horse for founder, Heidi Foy. Bullfrog was a one of a kind.  He was fun, trustworthy and loyal.  All of the things that a business owner would want in an agency.

Frog took Heidi to college and to compete at the CNFR, right here in Casper. And now, after their debut at the CNFR in 2000, it is only fitting that his legacy and Heidi’s passion really get started with BullFrog Creatives: We do what we love to help you do what you love.

With Heidi’s rodeo and western background, we focus on helping the industries she knows best. We specialize in promoting and helping further the western heritage and rodeo lifestyle. Luckily, because our creators of opportunity all come from different backgrounds, this allows us to help many different industries outside of the arena.

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