Bullfrog Creatives lauched in 2019. Originally it was created to be a collective of marketing people with a variety of marketing skills to share with the world. In 2019 we landed several marketing jobs to get our feet wet. It was that June that I began to think about how BFC could provide solutions for people in the rodeo world. I knew there was a place for marketing and social media mangement but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. Multiple discussions with some big wigs at the College National Finals Rodeo lead to more conversations about the cowboy agent and how my services could help the normal cowboy continue down the road. Some of my very first blogs were written in the spirit of building a business out of your rodeo career. In the midst of trying to figure out where I, and Bullfrog Creatives, could fit in the rodeo world COVID shut everything down.

During this time, I had just gotten my real estate license and Josh and I were beginning our first full year working together. The first 3 months started amazing. Great morning routine, doing at minimum, one open house each weekend, making calls to my sphere of influence, making creative drop-bys and having coffee with everyone that I worked with in my positions before. I just needed to make sure that everyone that I know knows what I am doing now!

During this time, I was trying, unsucessfully, to homeschool my children. At the time they were 5 and 8. I did the best I could with what I had. Of course, I know better now. I should have just went outside and played and skipped that homeshool part. It nearly makes me sick to my stomach to even hear someone talk about homeschooling their children. No shame in my game. It was not for me. That is for another blog…

There was a lot going on during this time. When I think back on it now, it seems like a haze. A fog. And it was a successful year…and I’m really not sure how!

I am an Enneagram 8. For those of you that are not familiar with the Enneagram, an 8 has a high attention to detail, likes to be in control of situations and can be an intense human, in general. I mean, those are the highlights- sounds great, eh? Might have to write about that in more detail, too. (I’ll take all the ideas I can get!) One thing I learned about myself during that time was that one of the things that kept me motivated during my normal work schedule was actually having a normal work schedule- a routine, if you will.

I think that is what the broadcast did for me. During a time when I was trying to provide a solution for college rodeo recruitment I’m pretty sure it did more for me than it did for others. Monday, Wednesday and Friday for over a year, I had a set time that I sat down and talked about rodeo. Every Tuesday I sat down on a zoom call for our office meeting and M-W-F I was hooked up with College Rodeo talk. And, even though I only forgot to hit mute once and the entire office heard my “mom” voice, it really helped me to have that consistency. Even though everything else was bumpy, that one consistent piece helped me to retain a piece of sanity. Like so many others at that time, there was nothing normal about it.

This platform and those broadcasts give me way more than I ever imagined. And it still does.

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