I think everyone looks back at their life and day dreams about days that, compared to now, seem far less stressful and lots more fun.  Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for my busy days chasing kids and paychecks. I am also grateful for the experiences that led me here. 

Fall, to me always meant a fresh start.  A new school year, more classes and another opportunity to seal a regional title and compete in my hometown at the CNFR.  I suppose it was only 4 years of life, 5 for me due to injury, but it sure seems like it was my life for so much longer.  As we welcome several college kids into our house and into our lives and onto our 10 acres, I remember fondly, and with some pain, the struggles I had and that they have yet to face.  Maybe they know what is coming- more than likely they don’t.  How quickly life changes once you are on your own.  For me, I never imagined a time that I wouldn’t rodeo.  My parents rodeoed and my dad continued after we were born.  That was the life I choose, too.  However, when Frog died, little did I know that would all change.  I was naïve to think that I would rodeo forever.  Do they realize that?  Do they realize the time they have now to roam around the state/s entering as many rodeos as they can, could come to an end?  Even if they don’t choose it.  Money limited my entry back into the rodeo world after Frog passed, and still does.  I suppose that I could finance some additional needed items, but that is not what we choose for our family.  I tell each of the kids, some more often then others, that they are lucky to have what they have and to enjoy every moment.  I’m sure they think I’m the crazy pasture lady.  I’m ok with that.  I tell them good luck and have fun.  Above all, have fun.  It’s always been my mantra.  Little did I know that the fun has a timeline and I don’t get to pick it.  Not always.  So I live vicariously through my kids.  My college kids, that is.  Once they pay one month of rent, they are mine, ours, really.  My two littles have accepted them into our family as have Josh and I.  We invite them in for dinner when the timing is right and there is enough. I do tend to make more during the rodeo season, with that intention.  We board horses.  But we also board kids.  We talk about rodeo, life, kids, jobs, money, Dave Ramsey.  We talk about God.  To some more than others, but we take advantage of talking about God to these kids.  It’s not for everyone, but if I can lead one…..how much easier their life and the struggles they don’t even know are coming will be with God at the helm.  I consider myself a new believer so it is often that I learn something new, too.

This season, I would like to continue to share a bit about the kiddos, with their permission of course, to each of you.  Everybody needs fans and these kids, as they are starting out on their own, will need all of our support inside and outside of the arena; for things they don’t even know about yet.