A social media following should be more than just your immediate family; although they are a great place to start.  Luckily, I no longer share a last name with my parents so you all can’t see that a lot of my likes were really just my mom and dad.  ?  The crucial piece of this entire plan is to give them something to tune in to. Here are 3 easy tips to help you do just that and never take your eye off the prize…

1. Establish some fun hashtags for days of the week.

I know how corny that sounds.  However, creating a #hashtag that is somewhat entertaining can go a long way.  Don’t stretch your brain cells too far with this one- even if you just use some of the generic ones that are already out there such as #throwbackthursday.  Every athlete starts somewhere; post some old photos and or videos of your early years competing.  Progress is something to be noted and fans that are looking to you for inspiration will truly enjoy those throwbacks.

2. Share your journey- good and bad.

Pictures or posts about your morning routine, how you prepare mentally, or how you keep your horse in shape and healthy on the road are all good examples of sharing your journey.  For those of us that want to be on the road or used to be on the road these types of posts and stories will be what keep us following and sharing your page with our friends. And, while you may be hesitant to post when things don’t go well, it is in the end all a part of the journey.  Rodeo fans are getting to a place where they want to know more about who you are- not just the score or time you got in the arena. 

3. Consistency is key.

Consistency is one thing that is often and easily overlooked in social media. If you are only posting 3 times a week and your fans know that there is always new content each Monday, Wed and Friday that is something they can count on.  That is a good schedule for most competitors as a Monday #weekendreport is an easy way to keep them updated.  Summers may get busier as the rodeos are more frequent however, Wed. and Fridays can be useful update days, too.  I like to establish a set schedule of content (video/pictures/posts) that I can arrange in advance and then leave some room on each platform to create more social posts.  This allows some room for in the moment pictures and video on any platform. Plus, you can always share others’ content, too. 

What happens #outsidethearena is just as important.

Get it on your mind.